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Blazersedge Draft Thread: 22-30

Here's the thread for Portland's first pick and beyond.

22.  Portland Trail Blazers Victor Claver from Spain

Analysis:  Feels like the Blazers couldn't move their first round pick so they spent it on someone who's not going to cost money this year.

23.  Sacramento Kings  Omri Casspi from Israel

Analysis:  Here's the story as it's probably going to unfold.  The quiet part is that the Blazers had possibilities with the 22nd pick but those may have been foiled somewhere.  (Though it's possible that Klaver is still trade-worthy.)  The vocal part is that Klaver is a decent talent with upside who will not require a contract.  First-round talent, second-round cost.

24.  Dallas Mavericks  B.J. Mullens  from Ohio State

Updated Analysis:  People are debating the cap implications of this pick.  During the summer there's a cap hold.  After the summer there is none.  After the summer the Blazers will be worried less about the salary cap than the luxury tax threshold. 

25.  Oklahoma City Thunder Rodrigue Beaubois from France

Trade Announced:  Dallas and OKC are going to swap Mullens and Beaubois.

26.  Chicago Bulls  Taj Gibson from USC

27.  Memphis Grizzlies DeMarre Carroll from Missouri

Further Analysis:  As an example of how Claver could help the Blazers, consider a trade with the Bulls.  Say the Bulls want talent in return for Hinrich but not cost.  You trade them this guy, who's a future talent but costs them nothing.  By the time he's ready to come over ther bad salaries are gone and they have no qualms about paying him.

28.  Minnesota Timberwolves Wayne Ellington from UNC

Trade Announced:  Quentin Richardson will be going from New York to Memphis in exchange for Darko Milicic.

29.  New York Knicks (from L.A. Lakers)  Toney Douglas from FSU

Reminder:  We'll be switching to a new thread for the second round.

30.  Cleveland Cavaliers Christian Eyenga from the Congo