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Blazersedge Draft Thread: Picks 16-21

Here's the second half of the first round.  Follow and discuss all of the picks here!  Where will the Jrue Holiday free-fall stop, and what does that mean to the Blazers' chances of getting Lawson?

16.  Chicago Bulls  James Johnson from Wake Forest 

Analysis:  Once again a Minnesota pick threatens to become interesting.

17.  Philadelphia 76'ers  Jrue Holiday  from UCLA

Analysis:  Now...does Minnesota pick ANOTHER point guard?  Eh?

18.  Minnesota Timberwolves  Ty Lawson from UNC

Analysis:  Tonight the part of Monty Hall will be played by David Kahn.  Anyone care to speculate whether that was our pick?  (Evidently Ric Bucher does.)

19.  Atlanta Hawks  Jeff Teague from Wake Forest

Analysis:  They're saying Lawson to Denver now.

20.  Utah Jazz   Eric Maynor from VCU

21.  New Orleans Hornets  Darren Collison from UCLA

Analysis:  Now the questions...Blair or Casspi?  For us or for someone else?

Notice:  Switching to a new thread for the rest of the first round.