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Blazersedge Draft Thread: Picks 1-15

It's 4:20.  Do you know where your GM is?

Though this draft is fated to be overshadowed by NBA trades and mega-celebrities passing on to the Great Beyond, 60 young men are still going to be selected tonight and we'll be covering the events as they unfold.  If you don't have access to a TV, check here for every pick.  Also discuss the picks and moves in this thread.

1.  Los Angeles Clippers   Blake Griffin from Oklahoma

2.  Memphis Grizzlies  Hasheem Thabeet from Connecticut 

3.  Oklahoma City Thunder    James Harden from Arizona State Memphis 

Analysis:  Watch out if Rubio makes it past Sacramento.

Further Analysis:  With the Sergio trade, maybe you should watch out even if Sacramento takes Rubio.

4.  Sacramento Kings    Tyreke Evans from Memphis 

Analysis:  Now watch to see if one of these Minnesota picks will be traded. 

5.  Minnesota Timberwolves  Ricky Rubio from Spain

Note:  Draftexpress analysis is down much for the links for now.

Analysis:  It doesn't necessarily HAVE to happen, but it will be interesting if the 'Wolves pick a second point guard here.

6.  Minnesota Timberwolves    Jonny Flynn from Syracuse

Analysis:  Yeah.  Here we go.  One of the above two players is moving.  Keep in mind that most moves aren't announced until the second pick involved is made, the better to avoid the Stepien rule.  Also some can't be announced until later because of contract-matching reasons.

7.  Golden State Warriors  Stephen Curry from Davidson

Note:  Word is that Rubio is going to the Knicks.

8.  New York Knicks  Jordan Hill from Arizona

Analysis:  Once again the Knicks have violated Dave's Golden Rule of Drafting:  Never select an Indiana guard or an Arizona big man.  But Hill is a prime candidate in that Rubio move...

9.  Toronto Raptors  Demar DeRozan from USC 

10.  Milwaukee Bucks  Brandon Jennings from L.A. and Rome

11.  New Jersey Nets   Terrence Williams from Louisville

Analysis and Personal Note:  It'll be interesting to watch what Minnesota does with their 18th pick now.  Could they be looking to make TWO deals?  Also I have a red Game Fuel ready to pop open to toast the Blazers' first announced move (pick or trade).  Y'all can grab something too.

12.  Charlotte Bobcats  Gerald Henderson from Duke

Analysis:  We're now in the Lawson danger zone.

13.  Indiana Pacers  Tyler Hansbrough from UNC

Analysis:  Mild surprise there.  Trade?

14.  Phoenix Suns  Earl Clark from Louisville

Reminder:  We will switch to a new thread after the next pick.

New Man Law:  If you don't show up for the draft you don't get to come later if you're picked.  If you believe in yourself, show up and sit there.  If nobody else believes in you, take it and cry like a front of the cameras.

15.  Detroit Pistons  Austin Daye from Gonzaga