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Draft Day: The CONFIRMED Trade Thread

Welcome to Draft Day 2009!  We'll have an open thread and pick-by-pick coverage during the draft itself but until that time a trio of threads are open for discussion on the main page.  The bottom one is for non-Blazer draft day talk, the middle for everything having to do with the Blazers, and this one is for the announcement and discussion of CONFIRMED trades that go down before the draft today.

Notice that we said CONFIRMED trades.  This is not the thread for trade speculation.  "Confirmed" means a reliable news source (which could include us) has posted something about it.  We'll edit this post as the day goes by, listing any trades as they happen.

--Dave (

Update #1:  Well, it's not a huge deal but the L*kers sold their 29th pick to the New York Knicks.

Update #2:  This is bigger.  A couple of sources are reporting that the Magic and Nets have agreed in principle to a deal that will send Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson to Orlando in exchange for Rafer Alston, Courtney Lee, and Tony Battie.

Update #3:  That Jamal Crawford to Atlanta for Acie Law and Speedy Claxton deal is now done.

(See more here and in the comment section below as the day progresses.)