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2009 Blazersedge Mock Draft Thread

This is your thread for the 2009 Blazersedge Mock Draft.  Blazersedge readers have assumed the General Manager positions for the 29 other teams in the league and will now make their picks, with a couple of trades thrown in for good measure.  Stay tuned here for the proceedings.


1.  Los Angeles Clippers

Blake Griffin from Oklahoma.

2.  Memphis Grizzlies

Hasheem Thabeet from Connecticut.

3.  Oklahoma City Thunder

James Harden from Arizona State.

4.  Sacramento Kings

Ricky Rubio of Spain. 

5.  Washington Wizards

Tyreke Evans from Memphis.

6.  Minnesota Timberwolves

Stephen Curry from Davidson. 

And we have a TRADE TO ANNOUNCE.  The Golden State Warriors have traded their 7th selection and guard Marco Belinelli to the New Jersey Nets for the 11th pick and Sean Williams. 

7.  New Jersey Nets (from Golden State)

Jordan Hill from Arizona.

8.  New York Knicks

Brandon Jennings of International Fame University.

9.  Toronto Raptors

Demar DeRozan from USC

10.  Milwaukee Bucks

Jrue Holiday from UCLA

11.  Golden State Warriors (from New Jersey)

Ty Lawson from North Carolina.

12.  Charlotte Bobcats

Gerald Henderson from Duke.

13.  Indiana Pacers

Jonny Flynn from Syracuse

14.  Phoenix Suns

Terrence Williams of Louisville.

15.  Detroit Pistons

James Johnson of Wake Forest.

16.  Chicago Bulls

DeJuan Blair of Pittsburgh.

And we have a TRADE TO ANNOUNCE.  The Philadelphia 76'ers have traded the #17 pick and center Samuel Delambert to the Minnesota Timberwolves for guard Sebastian Telfair and forwards Brian Cardinal and Mark Madsen plus the #28 pick.

17.  Minnesota Timberwolves

Earl Clark from Louisville

18.  Minnesota Timberwolves

B.J. Mullens from Ohio State

19.  Atlanta Hawks

Eric Maynor from VCU

20.  Utah Jazz

Tyler Hansbrough from UNC

21.  New Orleans Hornets

Austin Daye from Gonzaga.

22.  Dallas Mavericks

Omri Casspi from Israel.

23.  Sacramento Kings

Sam Young from Pittsburgh

We have a TRADE TO ANNOUNCE.  There was plenty of discussion in the war room of the Portland Trail Blazers but in the end the collective Blazers' brain trust decided to take the cap savings and run from this draft.  The Blazers have accepted an offer from the San Antonio Spurs for picks #37 and #51 in this year's draft in exchange for the #24 pick.  Portland apparently intends to package some of their second-round picks for similar picks in upcoming drafts.

24.  San Antonio Spurs

Chase Budinger from Arizona.

25.  Oklahoma City Thunder

Taj Gibson from USC. 

26.  Chicago Bulls

Marcus Thornton from LSU.

We have a TRADE TO ANNOUNCE!  The New Orleans Hornets have sent Tyson Chandler to the Memphis Grizzlies for Darko Milicic, Darrell Arthur, and the #27 pick in this year's draft.

27.  New Orleans Hornets (from Memphis)

Jeff Teague from Wake Forest.

28.  Philadelphia 76'ers (from Minnesota)

Darren Collison from UCLA

29.  Los Angeles Lakers

Wayne Ellington from North Carolina

30.  Cleveland Cavaliers

With the 30th and final pick in the 2009 Blazersedge Mock Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select Danny Green from UNC.

And that's your 2009 Blazersedge Mock Draft.  Thanks to all who participated either as a GM for another team or as part of the collective GM brain trust for the Blazers.  Look for Mock Draft analysis plus a list of all of the officially proposed trades (including an explanation of that Philly-Minnesota trade) for you to review and comment on later tonight.

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