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Remember Me? I'm Channing Frye

Unless Channing Frye shows up at tomorrow's workouts, these could very well be the last pictures of him in Blazers gear.


To the surprise of many, Frye went through a short workout in front of the media this morning, showing off a little fadeaway step back jumper and the shooting stroke that always looks great in the practice gym.  It was the first time I'd seen Channing since the Houston series.  

His presence was a reminder of just how far today's draft workout crop have to go: Frye would ball all of those dudes up.  And it wouldn't be close.  It's been that type of year for pre-draft workouts here in Portland, I guess.  There will be a short post regarding today's prospects later this afternoon but first here's what Nate McMillan and Channing Frye had to say regarding Channing's current status and future with the team.

Remember, as Dave wrote previously  about Frye...

 One of four things is going to happen...

1.  They're going to renounce him just like the other three free agents, meaning that he'll not count against the cap at all.

2.  They're going to offer a one-year qualifying offer to him which he'll immediately accept, meaning he'll add $4.26 million to Portland's cap burden.

3.  They're going to offer a qualifying offer to him which he won't accept right away, preferring to test the restricted free agent waters.  In that case he'll count $9.49 million against the cap until he signs a contract somewhere, either for the original offer or some other offer that another team makes and Portland has the right to match.  After a new contract is signed the actual amount of the contract will count against Portland's cap if Portland re-signs him.

4.  They're going to agree to a different, multi-year contract and he'll count against the cap for its amount.

With that in mind, go ahead and parse the following conversations with Nate and Channing to determine which of the four options you think will unfold in the coming weeks.


Channing Frye

Would it be hard to leave this team at this point?

Yes and no. I think everybody has to do what's best for themselves at times. At times you've just got to understand what's best for you, what might be best for the team. KP and Tom have done a great job of putting guys here that are going to help the team. If my place is to be here, we'll take care of that, if not, hey I'll be somewhere else where someone needs my skills.

Is this a situation where you feel like you wished you had gotten a better shake last year?

You can't ever look at it like that. We went to the playoffs. With the talented members of this team that we have, we just play and Coach has to do what's best for this team. I think he picked the best five guys that he was comfortable with. It just wasn't my year. Not everybody's NBA career is a storybook, where they stay with one team and start from day one.  Guys get traded, guys get moved, guys get benched, it's just part of the game. Would you have heard of Gortat or Lee if something hadn't happened to Jameer Nelson? I don't think so. 

Have Kevin or Nate given you a timeline in terms of when they expect to make a decision regarding your future?

No, no and I would never ask them to do that. That's something that's up to my agent and them. If they want to talk to me about that they can. I'm just out here trying to get better and regardless of what happens, I'm going to be on the up and up.  I'm just setting myself up to be a success in this league in the future. I've got to just keep working hard.

What's been the focus of your offseason work since the end of the season?

Last month it was definitely getting a little bit more handle. Getting more comfortable with the basketball. Taking it off the dribble. It's just something that I've been wanting to work on.  I tried that last year but my ankle kind of got in the way. This summer just staying in shape. This month it's just losing that extra 3 or 4 pounds. Just so I can get into July and take all the things I've been working on and really start to develop myself and continue to get better.

Where will you be watching the draft Thursday night?

It's my fiance's birthday so I'll be in Vegas.  I'll probably be watching it in my room with a soda or something. [Laughs]

Nate McMillan

It's the first time I've seen Channing in awhile.

Channing's been around. He's been here working out. He comes in and he gets his workout in. He looks ok. It's nice to see our guys in the gym.

Has Kevin indicated a timeline for when a decision might be made regarding Channing?

Kevin will handle that and that's his side of the business and he'll take care of that.

Are you anxious to hear from Kevin how it's going to play out?

We've talked. We're constantly talking about what we want to do. But right now our focus in on the draft.


-- Ben (

PS Croiky! Channing Frye's email username was inspired by the death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.  Add that to your bulging portfolio of buffet of goodness miscellany.