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Rufus on Fiction

Our old friend David Arnott from RufusonFire is holding a fiction contest with basketball as the subject.  Anyone can enter.  The prize is a modest gift certificate and fame forevermore.  You can click on the link to see the details if you're interested.  I know we have some creative minds here.  If somebody from Blazersedge manages to win the contest I'll throw in a hand-drawn caricature of a Blazer player on top of the prize David is offering.

Personally I was going to submit a story about a former NBA star who purchased a minor league that had been operating for 55 years, killed it dead, then got offered the chief managerial post at one of the NBA's most important franchise which he used to acquire Stephon Marbury, Eddy Curry, Jerome James, and Zach Randolph.  This guy's strong suit was going to be drafting young talent, but nobody he drafted would stay with his team for more than two years because he kept trading them away in order to get old, fat, selfish, lazy, and very expensive players.  And get this...he was going to keep his job season after season after season when even small tribes in the remote Amazon--indigenous peoples with no electricty, radio, or meaningful contact with the outside world--knew he should have been fired on Day 2 of his tenure.  I had the narrative all laid out but when I looked at it, I figured it was way too unbelievable to receive any notice.  Maybe you can do better?

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