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Monday Pre-Draft Workout Participants

According to the team's twitter, Monday's workout participants will be...

Weyinmi Efejuku, Guard (Providence); Daniel Hackett, Guard (USC); Jodie Meeks, Guard (Kentucky); Ben Woodside, Guard (North Dakota State); Tyrell Biggs, Forward (Pittsburgh); Robert Dozier, Forward (Memphis)

Weyinmi Efejuku is not expected to be drafted.

Daniel Hackett is not expected to be drafted.

Jodie Meeks is expected to be a late second round pick and made perhaps one of the top 10 biggest mistakes in the history of the world by not going back to play with John Wall The Future at Kentucky.

Ben Woodside is not expected to be drafted despite a first name with limitless potential.

Tyrell Biggs doesn't have a Draft Express profile but I'm pretty sure he was a character on the Chappelle Show.

Robert Dozier is seen as a late second rounder or, more likely, undrafted.

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