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2009 Blazersedge Mock Draft: Friday

Welcome to the 2009 Blazersedge Mock Draft.

We're trying something new this year.  We're having the GM's conduct all of their business in public in these threads.  That way you will hear their reasoning and the trade talk that goes on.  Few of these trades will actually go through, but it should be interesting to peruse the chatter.

You are also free to comment on trade proposals with a couple of guidelines:

1.  You may talk about the merits (or lack thereof) of a trade but you may not attack the GM who proposed it any more than you would attack anyone else at Blazersedge.  That means no, "This trade is ridiculous/stupid/idiotic because..." posts.  Just post everything after the "because" and call it good.  These are readers like you trying hard to do a good job.  Be nice to them.

2.  The GM's have been instructed to use the comment title "Attention [Team GM]" to signal other GM's that they're intersested in talking.  Please do not mimic that title, even in jest.

Enjoy the proceedings.  Here's your GM list:

  • Boston Celtics  (no pick)  DocProc
  • New Jersey Nets  b-roy07
  • New York Knicks  As11osu
  • Philadelphia 76'ers  Terryisn'tbald
  • Toronto Raptors  Salem Stephen
  • Chicago Bulls  Himynameisjoey
  • Cleveland Cavaliers  52theRim
  • Detroit Pistons  ThomasIkehara
  • Indiana Pacers  RaggMopp
  • Milwaukee Bucks  TheOdenator
  • Atlanta Hawks  Hoopla-pdx
  • Charlotte Bobcats  Charon
  • Miami Heat  (no pick)  Limited Upside
  • Orlando Magic (no pick)  Mittasabishy
  • Washington Wizards  Derftron
  • Golden State Warriors  Momomoses
  • Los Angeles Clippers  JC Burg
  • Los Angeles Lakers  Timbo
  • Phoenix Suns  JKSnake99
  • Sacramento Kings  Garden of Oden
  • Dallas Mavericks  Norsktroll
  • Houston Rockets (no pick)  Supremepuntiff
  • Memphis Grizzlies   Bakasama
  • New Orleans Hornets  Arthur Schoene
  • San Antonio Spurs (no pick)  Myemic23
  • Denver Nuggets (no pick)  Royster
  • Minnesota Timberwolves  Baduk
  • Oklahoma City Thunder  GreatOden'sRaven
  • Utah Jazz  RoyGoestheDynamite
  • Portland Trail Blazers--The Readers of Blazersedge

--Dave (

P.S.  There were so many good submissions to become a GM that I had a hard time narrowing them down.  In the end I gave pretty heavy preference to the people who submitted in the actual site thread, as they tended to be more regular readers.  (Also I suspect that since I read the public thread first and most of the salient points were made there the e-mail submissions began to look old-hat.)  I also chose a couple people just because they were brief, or contrary to the prevailing opinion, or otherwise quirky.  If you didn't get it, that's not an insult at all.  There were near 200 submissions for 29 spots.  I'm not saying these were the best 29, they were just 29 of the good ones.