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Remember Me? I'm Martell Webster

Martell Webster was on hand at the Practice Facility this morning to watch some of the workouts and get up some shots of his own.  I mentioned in the BE community podcast last month that it's hard to remember what Martell is all about because it's been so long since we've seen him hoop... let alone seen him in game action.

This first video isn't particularly exciting -- basically it's just him heaving long jumpers -- but he makes a fair percentage from DEEP.

In this second video, Martell discusses his current health and progress. I've transcribed some of the important parts below.

Where are you right now? "I'm just trying to train the muscles, get the muscle memory back. Still a little uncomfortable shooting. The touch feels good. I haven't gotten away from that at all."

You have a great work ethic  "Being a gym rat has put me in this situation... I always love the gym. I figure if I'm not doing it somebody else out there is."

Looking forward to next season? "Somebody's got to pay for this. I'm in the gym right now and everybody else is relaxing on their offseason. So someone's got to pay" (laughing)

Are you 100%? "Not 100%. I'm not allowed to run and jump and dunk.  I can shoot jump shots. It feels good. I'm kind of taking it at a 3 week process, checking it every 3 weeks to see how it's doing... right now I can do pool, jump shooting for 20 minutes, walking, walking is the most important thing, everyday I'm walking."

Are you ready to go? "I'm eager to get back out there and I know that I have to take every step with caution. It hurts, it hurts [not being out there] but it's going to pay off in the long run."

Martell also says he plans to start working out with Blake and Roy later this offseason.

A footnote: Don't expect Kevin Pritchard to be able to include a player in a trade that still hasn't been cleared to run and jump 6 months after his most recent injury and who still has 3 years left on his contract.    

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