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Drafting Preferences

As we work our way through Ben's excellent reports on the guys coming through workouts it would be a good idea to look at the apparent criteria KP and his staff use when selecting Portland players.  Obviously a peek at the secret scouting reports and formulae would be out of the question, but we've seen patterns emerge through the last few drafts that could be helpful.  For instance...

1.  The Blazers tend to value height in their draft picks.  Pretty much every player selected has been of average height or taller for their position.

2.  The Blazers tend to value, well...value.  You seldom see them go with the obvious, overpriced picks nor trade up to get them.  Greg Oden would be about the only exception, but this criterion changes when you select first overall.   A Kevin Pritchard pick is seldom flashy but seldom obscure.  It's like the guilty guy in Perry Mason.  You saw him all along but you never guessed he was the guy until Perry made it clear.

3.   Level of competition plays into it.  You don't really see the small-school picks.  Europe is obviously more than OK though.

4.  Character factors in.  It'll be interesting to see how this plays if the Blazers trade up and have not interviewed the guy the end up selecting.

5.  There's usually something about the guy that gives him the potential to be dominant:  Roy's determination and leadership, LaMarcus' fluidity and offensive skills, Greg's size, Jerryd's athleticism, Nic's quickness, Sergio's passing ability.  You may ask, "Isn't think true of every pick?"  It isn't.  Some picks are safer, all-around guys...guys you know will be good but who aren't going to be great.  Jarrett Jack is a good player.  Jarrett Jack is a generalist.  Jarrett Jack is also gone.  Jerryd Bayless is here though.

6.  Best player available is the mantra.  Position is usually  secondary.

7.  The Blazers will make most any trade necessary to get the man they want, understanding that it's not always possible.

So...given that list are there any players that scream out to you at the moment?  Share your thoughts below.

--Dave (