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What If?

The hot, or at least continuous, topic so far this season has been the point guard rotation.  This begs a good weekend question.

No matter how much you want to make a move you often find that the right deal just isn't there when you want it to be.  We've heard tons of speculation about available players but the distance between speculation and an executed trade is as big as a beluga's backside.  Sometimes you have to wait longer than you wanted.  Sometimes you never get the guy you were after.

What if that happens to the Blazers this summer with their point guards?

If Portland walks into fall camp with Steve Blake, Sergio Rodriguez, and Jerryd Bayless again, how do you make it work?  What do you do with each player, or what would you expect to see?  Is there any way to turn that into a workable rotation?  Is there anybody else on the team who breaks that rotation?  Roy?  Fernandez?

Help me out with what would seem to be a worst-case-scenario for all involved.  Make it better for us without making any moves.

--Dave (