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THIS is BEdge!

It's a little weird (and probably a blogging no-no) to write a post referencing a post right below it, but I didn't want to gum up the Hinrich post with this.  I just read through the comments of that post and I got WAY smarter just through perusing it.  300 comments, much debate, a ton of stats and facts and knowledge and opinion and charts and graphs, not one person calling anybody else names or getting upset because someone else felt differently.  Anybody, anywhere could come along, read through that thread, and feel like they've got their bases they'd have a lot to chew on they still have room and permission to make their own choice on the they could contribute if they it was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

With all of the other talk we've been having, I felt that needed to be said.  This is why I love this site.  This is what gets me going.  This is what makes me a better Blazer fan than I was before I read what you had to say.

Nice, NICE stuff.  Thank you!

--Dave (