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As Norsktroll has pointed out in the sidebar rumors say Kirk Hinrich is on his way out of Chicago.  There's been plenty of speculation about him around here lately.  It's time to have this discussion formally.


1.  Do you want him?

2.  What would you give up for him?

Personally I think I like the idea if the Bulls will take some of our mix-and-match parts.  We won't be giving up Top 4 players for him, nor probably Batum or Przybilla, but if you start talking players other than that, I'm pretty sure I'd listen.  I don't think we need a superstar at point, just some veteran help with some smarts and defense.  Hinrich may not be the perfect PG, but he does enough things well that I'd be intrigued.  You?

You can read the reaction at BlogaBull here[Edit:  Ideally what I'd like at the end of this discussion is a solid trade proposal we could take to BlogaBull and see if it flies.  If you've got a specific one, do share.]

--Dave (