Sources: Hinrich to be traded, regardless of Ben Gordon status

Columnist Doug Thounus for Chicago Now blog (who previously was the host of BullsBeat, and is a partial owner of DraftExpress):

Sources close to me have told me that Kirk Hinrich will be traded sometime before next season starts. His status seems to be independent on whether the Bulls are able to bring back Gordon.  

Problem is, it might be to the Wolves according to a Minny sports radio station (just like Portland they had negotiations before the deadline):

Don't really know why the Bulls, who now have a nice three-guard combo, would go for this, but the Mix hears that the Wolves could offer the No. 6 pick in a very weak draft for Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich. Think of it: A combo guard who can even defend (including forwards as big and strong and talented as Paul Pierce). One down side: He has already been in the league for five years. Trent Tucker's idea might be even better: Offer Mike Miller for Hinrich.

The source seems credible enough that Matt from fellow SBN site Blog a Bull has promoted it to the frontpage (comments). Speculate away, seems to be speculation day anyway with Canzano's latest KP blurb.

Update: Looks like Wolves fans would hate such a deal.

See article frontpage for Dave taking up the issue if we want Hinrich and how a deal might look like.