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Changes in the NBA You'd Like to See

Of late I've been doing some things with the network which include reading around some of the other blogs.  It's scary what a quantum leap forward much of the SBN coverage has taken in the last year-and-a-half, particularly the NBA coverage.

One of the fine, young writers who, much like our own Ben Golliver, is on the runway to become a full-blown media voice in his chosen town and sport resides over at TheDreamShake.  His name is Tom Martin and he's got The Voice.

One of his latest pieces is short, but incisive.  He lists three rule changes he'd like to see in the NBA next season.  You can read the analysis there, but in brief his choices were correctly calling fouls when jump-shooters initiate contact after the up-fake, clarifying blocking fouls, and delineating what's legal and not when fronting the post on defense (natch, since they've got Yao Ming).

I thought the topic was great, so let's throw this open to Blazer fans too.  What rule changes or clarifications would you most like to see for next year?  What bugs you the most because it's not enforced, enforced wrong, or is just plain covered by a bogus rule?

Fire away in the comments.

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