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The Most Crucial Issue This Summer

With all of the talk about the draft and trades and such, I wonder if the conversational cart hasn't rolled well in front of the horse.  We're all about addressing perceived needs but we've not yet delineated what the most pressing needs are.  That would be today's topic.

What I'd like is the ONE issue you think it's most critical for the Blazers to address this off-season.  If you'd like to theorize how they will or could address it, you're more than welcome to do that to.  We're not really looking for 100 top ten lists of issues, just pick your most critical need and go in-depth with it.  If you have a second or third, wait to see if somebody else mentions them and then chime in under their comments.

Not only should this conversation be interesting, you could be providing fodder for main page analysis from Ben and I.

--Dave (