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Weekend Discussion: Three Names

Since the hot topic of the week seems to be trade scenarios, let's throw open a couple questions for discussion this weekend.

I'm going to ask you to name three Blazers. 

First, name the Blazer you think is most likely to be traded (regardless of whether you want him to be or not) and how you came to that assessment.

Second, name the Blazer you want most to be traded (regardless of whether you think he will be or not) and how you came to that assessment.

Third, name a Blazer that you think will be named by other people in response to the two questions above and why you think he won't or shouldn't be traded.

If your answer is "none" to the second question because you don't think anybody should be moved that's perfectly acceptable.  If you can name people you'd like in return for the Blazer you want to be traded feel free to add those in.

I'll chime in with my thoughts on Monday morning.

When I went on the Blazersedge podcast we talked about the mock draft we're going to do in a few weeks.  I suggested that this year people's comments might serve to narrow down the field of those who want to participate.  Threads like this one are where you make your bones.  All of you amateur GM's out there, have at it!

--Dave (