Sergio: "I want a change"

Here is the original article about a press conference Sergio gave yesterday that contains these quotes. Update: See in the comments below for an updated fluid translation by amlmart.

"I want a change, be in other circumstances and conditions, in Portland or outside," said Sergio before acknowledging that "during the season was much talk about a trade. Now is the moment that we will have to decide what to do with my future. We know what we can give each other, but in the NBA players are like goods. "

"What I want is to go to a team that gives me confidence and [where] I can play. I would like to go to a team where I can improve because I am sure that the best of Sergio is yet to come. " 
"This year is crucial for my career," explained the player from Tenerife before clarifying that "it is the last year of my contract and I have to play to earn a new contract. I do not say that I am the best or want to play 40 minutes, only ask for continuity to do well, and that's what I have missed in Portland. It's hard to leave the stadium [or the court?] and think about not being allowed to fail, when each three is like a penalty in the final seconds."
On Nate McMillan: "This year has been different. We talked more, but he has never been clear to me and that I have always been missing, though it is not like I'm in jail in Portland, just we see basketball in a different way. "


Sergio Rodriguez answered questions from the press during his appearance yesterday. Jonay Rodríguez, via


Yeah this maybe should be a FanShot :)

But I think it's important that Sergio is repeating this sentiment time and again and now very candidly. He is obviously not satisfied with his situation, and would prefer a change of scenery even though he seems glad he now can play with Rudy. And he shouldn't be satisfied; he is too young to accept a role as a perennial backup getting spot minutes in the NBA. But since I don't believe Nate will build the second unit around him until I see it (he already talked about playing faster last year and nothing happened), it's becoming very likely Pritchard will have to find a new team for Sergio.