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Blazersedge Season Awards: Most Valuable Player (Besides Brandon)

Now that the season is done and has been properly reviewed, it's time to put the final punctuation at the end of the sentence with our Blazersedge Awards.

This is the Big One:  the award for the Blazers' MVP.  However we're throwing in a caveat.  Brandon Roy would probably win this award unanimously in straight-up competition.  That's valid but not interesting, especially for the purposes of discussion.  So we're declaring Brandon the winner of the Most Valuable Player award right now and creating a new title:  MVP(BB).  Who is your team MVP besides Brandon?  Use any criteria you see fit to make your determination.

You can vote in the comment section below.  One vote per person, make your vote easy to understand, and also favor us with a bit of explanation about your choice if you would.  Voting will be open for the next couple days and then winners will be declared.

--Dave (