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Blazersedge Season Awards: Biggest Pleasant Surprise

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This award is for the Biggest Pleasant Surprise...the team member that you didn't expect to see do what they did.  This could be in their overall game, a particular facet of their game, or simply them having a bigger effect this year than you anticipated.  Note that this is not necessarily the same as "Most Improved", which is also a category.  Maybe you expected the Most Improved guy to improve, and thus it wasn't a surprise.  Maybe your biggest surprise was a rookie who, by definition, can't be the most improved.  Or maybe the surprise didn't encompass enough of the player's all-around game to call them Most Improved but was a striking surprise nonetheless.

You can vote in the comment section below.  One vote per person, make your vote easy to understand, and also favor us with a bit of explanation about your choice if you would.  Voting will be open for the next couple days and then winners will be declared.

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