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NBA Draft Lottery Open Thread

I love the draft lottery.  For those of you who are geeked to watch the ping pong balls this year, here's an open thread. Let's enjoy this together. Thanks to the Kap for the suggestion.

If you don't care about it this time around because the Blazers are not represented, I fully understand.  Please keep it moving and allow us our fun.

The lottery begins at 5:30. Some top-of-the-head thoughts to get this pre-show discussion going....

  • My top 5 prospects in order: Rubio, Griffin, Evans, DeRozan, Harden
  • My top 5 most marketable in order: Rubio, DeRozan, Jennings, Evans, Curry
  • My top 5 "in a dream world, I wish they become Blazers" in order:  Rubio, Curry, Lawson, Jennings, Blair
  • Most underrated prospect this year: Earl Clark. Most overrated: Jordan Hill.
  • Given the makeup of the final four teams in the NBA playoffs, why would you draft big over small if you're sitting at #1?
  • I would pick John Wall over any player in this year's draft.

-- Ben (


UPDATE: That was way too much fun... here's the final order... but first, of course, a tip of the 40 to Ziller and company.

14. Phoenix Suns
13. Indiana Pacers
12. Charlotte Bobcats
11. New Jersey Nets
10. Milwaukee Bucks
9. Toronto Raptors
8. New York Knicks
7. Golden State Warriors
6. Minnesota Timberwolves
5. Washington Wizards
4. Sacramento Kings
3. "Oklahoma City" "Thunder"
2. Memphis Grizzlies
1. Los Angeles Clippers