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The Season in Review: And The Rest

Sorry to go all first-season Gilligan's Island on you, but it seemed an appropriate way to introduce the review thread for Shavlik Randolph, Michael Ruffin, Martell Webster, and heck, even Ike Diogu if you're so inclined.  None of these guys played enough to make their stats meaningful in any greater sense (I highly suspect per-48 stats for guys who played 4 minutes) so I'm not putting up tables.  If you want to throw out a statistical, or any other, observation about this bunch have at it here.  I bet we still do a brisk business on comments.

The most critical issue will be Martell Webster's future role on this team.  I'm not sure much can be said definitively other than Martell looked pretty good coming into this season but now he makes a re-start in a career that doesn't need any more re-starts.  I doubt he'll revert to earlier bad habits but I doubt he'll show much progress either.  His contract runs through 2012-13 at the team's option so he and the Blazers both have time.  But my gut says you keep either Travis Outlaw or Martell Webster long-term, not both.  As both are among the trickier members of the roster to evaluate, that's not a clear choice.  Travis' contract expires after next season, so he may be the easier to move.  He may also be a more distinctive talent.  Ugh.  Mental pretzel.

In any case, chime in with all of your thoughts here.  What's going to happen with Martell, as a Blazer or otherwise?   What did you like from the other guys on this list?  Do you want to retain any of them?  For what purpose?

Give it your best shot.

--Dave (