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Tom Penn "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" to the T Wolves

Jerry Zgoda of the Minny Star Tribune.

From everything I'm hearing, Tom Penn is signed, sealed and delivered (or at least completely agreed to, give me some poetic license for the Stevie Wonder reference). I'm guessing a Tuesday press conference, just hours before the team learns its draft lottery fate.

At some point, discussion must turn to Penn's replacement. With no obvious internal candidates for promotion, I assume the team will look outside the organization for a cap guru.  

Given Kevin Pritchard's active record on draft days past, one would suspect (hope) the hire to be made in short order. This isn't a position that can be left unfilled for long.

Link via the stud pups at Canis Hoopus.  More once the hiring becomes truly official.

-- Ben (

PS another belated thanks to Stop-n-Pop for fanshotting this for our pleasure. One of these years I'll get around to checking the fanshots before posting.