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What Separates NBA Players from Non-NBA Players?

This is a question I've been pondering for the last 24 hours in light of the Blazers' pre-draft workouts yesterday. I thought I would toss it out to all of you before I weigh in later today or tomorrow with my thoughts.  

Consider these two groups: NBA players and  fringe professionals.  In the NBA players group, you've got guys that are on rosters and sticking for at least 2 years.  In the fringe group, you've got 10 day contract guys, d leaguers, 2nd round picks that don't stick, summer league filler, European players looking to stick, etc. etc. etc.  All told, it's a fairly large group of guys.

My question is simple... boil it all the way down: what is the single most common attribute that fringe players lack that NBA players have?  

Some early candidates:

  • Height
  • Speed/Quickness
  • A Jumpshot
  • Basketball IQ
  • Competitive Drive

What say you?  Please explain your answer and include relevant examples.

Remember I want ONE attribute... so make up your dang mind!

-- Ben (