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First Off-Season Discussion Thread: How Do You Feel?

So here's the first question of the off-season:   How are you feeling about the year now that it's over?

Note that I am NOT asking for your analysis of the season.  That's coming soon.  We're not looking for stats or trade suggestions or anything like that.  Just keep it simple.  How are YOU feeling right now and why?  Enthused?  Disappointed?  Blah?  Or what?

--Dave (

P.S. Speaking of what we're not asking for...a word to the wise from someone who has done this off-season thing before.  In the next couple of weeks we're going to go over nearly EVERYTHING about the season with a fine-toothed comb on the main page here.  That includes going over every single player in-depth and soliciting your opinion and analysis as well as sharing our own.  This may affect how many Fanposts you guys want to make about these subjects.  One of the worst things you can do is blow your whole wad in Week One of the summer.  If we see 92,000 Steve Blake posts in the next three days by the time we get to him on the main page it's going to seem stale.  You might want to consider saving your player-specific stuff for the day we feature that guy.  Similarly you might not want to go overboard on the draft stuff for a couple weeks yet.  If you want to enjoy the ride, pace yourselves.