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KP2 Chat

Just a quick note before I head over to the Nike Hoop Summit Team USA practice...the beloved Kevin Pelton is having a chat over on Basketball Prospectus today.  Here's the link. It starts at 10AM Pacific.  

The last few weeks, you might have noticed that roughly 99.99999 percent of the articles KP2 has written about the NBA have been about the Blazers.  Yet, with each passing article his desire to make it known that he is not a "Blazer Homer" a "Blazer Fanatic" or a "Blazermaniac" has only increased.  

As of this writing, KP2 is parading around Seattle with a megaphone, assuring the locals that he hasn't taken up with the enemy.

If you're like me, you want good people on our team.  So here's what I'm asking you to do: please swarm KP2's chat with intelligent Blazers questions, stats puzzles for him to pursue, jokes about how much more awesome his life would be if he was a Blazers fan, etc.

So far, KP2 has done a good job of withstanding my aggressive recruitment.  Today, let's see if he can stand up to the full power of the BE Army.

I look forward to getting back this afternoon and seeing what you guys came up with.  The best questions that get used by Pelton in his chat will be acknowledged here on BE!


A programming note: check back later this afternoon for short previews of both the World and USA teams heading into the Nike Hoop Summit.

And, if you're still considering whether you will attend, use this link to get your tickets for just $5.  I'd argue that 8-10 of the 20 guys in this year's Hoop Summit will be NBA players within 4 years and a couple have the potential to be All-Stars... it's hard to top that for $5 dollars.  

-- Ben (