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Today's Poll - Hug A Coach Edition

You thought I was gonna let this one pass, didn't you?

From Jason Quick's latest Behind The Locker Room Door report...

Everybody was somewhat taken aback. It's not often you see Sarge like this before a game. By his third step he had reached where I was standing. Like a linebacker, he gave me a forearm shiver, knocking me off balance. Sarge kept marching through the locker room, giving quick, sharp high-fives to Bayless, Webster, Rudy and Nicolas Batum.

On his way back to his office he stopped in front of me and extended his arms like an angel.

"Give me a hug!"

I didn't know what to do. Reporters are supposed to remain impartial, and unbiased. Would this violate that space I'm supposed to keep? At the same time, I have the coach, in front of a locker room of players, standing there with his arms extended.

So ... I hugged Coach.

Video coordinator Tim Grass smiled and shook his head.

"I don't know how many coaches you would see do that,'' he said.

As Quick acknowledged, that's a pretty sticky ethical situation to find oneself in. So, credit to him for admitting that it happened and laying out why he reacted as he did.

That said, I think this is an issue we should probably vote on and discuss in the comments.

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