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The Blazers Flowchart That Changed The World

No other way to say it: yesterday afternoon was a humbling experience, logging on to digest the Blazers Edge version of War and Peace.  It used to be when confronted with works of epic proportion, one sat alone in a library cubicle, numb, shaking one's head, flicking the desk lamp on and off to make sure life wasn't a dream.

Now one does pretty much the same thing... while watching Twitter go up in flames like the Watts riots, as fan after fan after fan discovers the same beauty, passing it on endlessly, moments of discovery cascading around the city.

We get a lot of link requests at BE.  It's rare that I get people begging for a fanpost to be mentioned.  But that's what happened last night.

Norsktroll's Flowchart to Change the World meticulously details Blazers transactions since 2000, illuminating long-forgotten Pritchard tricks and conjuring memories of forgettable scrubs.

It's like looking into the largest, most honest mirror. 

It is a work of art. And should be appreciated as such. Spend at least 30 minutes with this bad boy today (if you haven't already); your life will be better for it.

This contribution caused me to look up Norwegian Military Rankings so we could properly honor Norsktroll.  After scanning the list, I think the coolest looking name is Kaptein.  Honestly, this underrates Norsk but the ranks above Kaptein are either too American so as not to be funny or are unpronounceable.  

So Kaptein Norsktroll it is.  So Kaptein Norsktroll it shall be.

Thanks, Kap, I salute you.

-- Ben (