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Game 77 Preview: Blazers vs. Grizzlies

What?!?  Memphis again???

They're like that annoying little cousin who keeps wanting a game even after you've beat them soundly and now are trying to concentrate on Big Boy opponents.  "Oh come on, man!  I can beat you this time!  Look at my moves!"  (sigh)  OK, but only because you're our cousin.  And this is the LAST TIME.  After this you go home and help Auntie with her yardwork.

Seriously, 3-0 record so far this year or not it's not easy to sweep a team, let alone a team you've played three times in as many weeks, let alone in their building.  As described in the preview from last week (which also references the preview from the week before) they do have firepower, youth, and athleticism.   They're not lacking in ways to score, they lack the ability to take advantage of those ways consistently.  On a night when they're on they become formidable.

The Blazers will have to take this game seriously.  As we've said a couple times now, a 2-2 road trip wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.  The OKC and Memphis games make the difference between 2-2 and 1-3.  At this point even that wouldn't be the disaster it once could have been, but it would be discouraging. 

Keep the energy up, keep the momentum going, show that you care about more than just making the playoffs.  Handle business like you have all year and move on.  That's the story tonight.

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