How Great Was The Chat With Shavlik Randolph?

Oh My...what a night!  We just experienced the most fun any fan could ever imagine.  Thank You LetsBlaze for giving us all the chance at a spontaneous conversation with was amazing.  Thank You to Shavlik for participating!

I don't know about everyone else...but I can hardly get through the off days with anticipation for the next game and Blazers Edge helps with the anxiety.   From all the great propeller heads who post up stats and formulas to the videos and tidbits that everyone posts, this site is truly the greatest for Blazer Fans.  Thank you Dave and Ben for all that you do to force me to check-in again and again.

What I particularly the seriousness of some and the absolute comedy, rather creativity of others...never have I read a forum that quite literally makes me Laugh Out Loud...and the chat with LetsBlaze and Shavlik was no exception.  To that end, I've created a poll on the funniest question asked during tonight's chat.