Memphis roadtrip II - - with some Shav Q&A..

4/6 3:02 EST On my way to Memphis, now bogged down in the Charlotte airport, victim of their weak wireless network. Decided to take advantage of the plug I found to charge up, then maybe move somewhere that I can get a signal and post. Hoping to reconnect with the Outlaw clan while out here, and get one last look at the team pre-playoffs.

NCAA finals tonight - - I’m wondering how Shav & Blake will deal with UNC - - somehow, there has to be some allegience to an ACC school, but Dukies are obligated to hate UNC and that may override any homegrown loyalties that Shav has - - and Maryland alumni probably would prefer to avoid giving those Tarheels anything to brag about…With any luck I may get to witness their reacton first hand

I was at Tyler Hansborough’s first game in the Smith Center in Chapel Hill and you could tell from the minute he hit the floor that he would be a special player at the college level. I doubt it will carry over very well to the NBA, but we will likely find out.

4:02 had enough connectvity to get out a couple of "tweets" . . . .seemed like I almost had Bedge for a minute, but it disappeared. Did you ever get the feeling that airports only exist to gouge people for $? Just finished my $6.50 quesadilla, contemplating a $2 bottled water, but I had one earlier so my water budget is kinda maxed. Very few people would get fat if they lived at airports - - finances would keep them lean.

9:20 EST About to go over to watch the game with Shav....maybe we will stay on live here....hafta see...

10:44 EST I'm here with Shavlik . . . any questions or comments....lets have 'em

2:05 EST Wish I had known in advance that we were gonna "Shav Live" but it just kinda was alot of fun on this side too...will try to get some good pictures tomorrow (later?)...