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Blazers Clinch Playoff Berth; Your Instant Reaction?

Last week, Nate talked about what was driving him: that little bitty X that goes next to a team's name in the standings. The X that signifies a clinched playoff spot.

Thanks to Phoenix's loss to Dallas this afternoon, the X is in the building.  Take a look.


Via here.

Pretty hot if you ask me.

It's been since 2002-2003 since Portland has seen such a pretty letter.  

Without question, it's a milestone.  Sound off about how it feels right now, as the moment starts to sink in.

-- Ben (

PS... has a must-see splash screen celebrating the occasion.

PPS... the screen cap above was taken earlier today.  The Blazers are now sitting in 5th after tonight's loss to Houston.  Here are the updated standings.