I think Greg Oden needs to be traded at some point in the near future.

Hear me out. I've been thinking about this for a while. Flame me in the comments if you so wish.

**First time posting a blog here btw**

Greg will be an All Star in the future no question, only under a different team. Here are my reasons.

1. He will be an All Star as soon as he leaves the Blazers and goes to a coach and to a team that knows how to use him and how to develop a franchise center. He will never realize his untapped potential under Nate which is clearly true.

2. In order for him to realize his great offensive potential which he clearly has if you look at videos of him during college, he must have a lot touches. And that won't happen under this team considering the fact that Brandon and LMA each takes 15-20 shots a game usually. 

3. The team is treating him as if he's Joel, which he clearly is not. That needs to stop.

4. Nate doesn't let him play when he gets quick fouls. I remember Jeff Van Gundy during the 2nd game of playoffs say that how can anyone play 2-3 min stretches at a time. It won't help him. He needs to play his way out foul trouble. If he fouls out so be it. That's how you learn and develop. Nate doesn't seem to comprehend that.

5. Although many may say that this is just his first year, and that he's just recovering from Micro right now, but how can you not say that the way the team is treating him right now won't happen again next year? What will change realistically? Either the Blazers needs to replace Nate, which I doubt they would, or Greg needs to request to leave.

6. Trolls won't have an incentive to come here so its good for the readers to say the least.

7.  People who call him a bust right now will regret it as soon as he leaves. I would love to see that happen.

Here are some highlights of two of his games in college. He looks like a completely different player, in those vids.