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Gameday Open Thread 1: 6:00-6:30

Here's the open thread for the first half hour of the game.  New threads will roll out every half hour.  Migrate up as they appear.

As always with game threads:

  • No swearing no matter what...refs, loss, refs' loss...keep it clean.
  • No pictures.
  • No blatant trolling.

 I had a hard time deciding which shirt to go with today.  I eliminated red because both teams use it and sometimes the basketball gods have trouble with logos.  White was out because that's the home color and we're on the road.  I have a nice black Drexler, but his loyalty is in question.  I have a KP but I thought he might be taking the long-term approach when we need a short-term win.  I finally went with Oden.  Good choice?  Time will tell.

--Dave (