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Kevin Pritchard on NPR

As promised at the end of yesterday's Practice Report, here's a link to a brief interview Kevin Pritchard did with Geoff Norcross on OPB/NPR.

Shift + click here to stream it in your browser.

And here's another link to OPB's story regarding the current Blazers re-igniting fan interest.

-- Ben (


Addendum:  For those who are interested in following OPB's coverage they're going to be doing a radio hour tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.  They'll feature Bill Schonely, Harry Glickman, and a blogger you're pretty familiar with, plus they're interviewing TDarkstar about his grandfather's story which ran here just a couple days ago.  I believe they're at 91.5 FM in the Portland area.  You can check it out.

Though it's related only by the medium, just a heads up...we'll also be doing an hour in-studio with Gavin, Chad, and the MSP on 95.5 The Game next Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m.

Addition:  Oh, and Ben is too modest to mention it himself, but he's included prominently in the interview linked at the top of this piece.  Great insights.  Check it out!

Addition #2:  One of the show's producers wants to pick your brain in this Fanpost.