Dave's Got Competition, aka Max and Erik Make a Blog :)


The Blogfather has just announced today at TrueHoop, that the Blazers finally have a representative in the Truehoop Blog Network--that blog being Beyond Bowie, written by fantasy football authors Erik Barmack and Max Handelman.

And while Dave may dream about easy-on-the-eyes celebrities like Jessica Alba, Handelman (also a movie producer) is apparently the husband of Hollywood hottie Elizabeth Banks (from films such as Zach and Miri Make a Porno), pictured here:



(The Internet does have many other pictures of Ms. Banks, that are less appropriate for a family blog such as this one.)

Has anyone checked out the new blog yet?  Right now, this one is far better, and numerous posters at TrueHoop are wondering why BlazersEdge isn't in the TrueHoop network (I suspect that BEdge being part of SBNation prevents that...)

But man.  Elizabeth Banks.  Way to twist the knife into a guy's back, Henry.. :)