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Blazers Edge Army Honored in Oklahoma City

I've got to hand it to you guys, you're on a roll.  

First, you made Phoenix Stan at Bright Side of the Sun quake in his boots on a podcast. Second, Blogfather put out the call and you single-handedly swung a nationwide ESPN poll by 15 percent, casting thousands upon thousands of votes.  Third, you received thanks from the daughter of an NBA Coach for helping to set record traffic on her website. (And If you want to go a little further back, let's not forget the memorable win in Yahoo!'s 2 on 2 bracket).

But I think today takes the cake.  Because this morning, owing solely to the power and passion of the Blazers Edge Army, there is a young man sitting at a computer in Oklahoma, crafting tribute art in your honor.  I am not making this up.  Go see for yourself.

You are probably going to want to download that wallpaper as a keepsake.  This is bragging rights for the next 20 years forever.

So here's the plan... I submitted his story to Ballhype.  And I've been meaning to organize a Ballhype takeover for awhile.  

Your instructions, if you choose to accept them (which you will)...

  • Follow the link to ballhype and vote the story up by clicking the up arrow.  Enough up votes will make this a top story on the sports blogosphere. Leave a Bedge related comment on Ballhype if you are feeling particularly spunky. [You will need to register a Ballhype account, which is worth your time, if you don't already have one]
  • If you have a website, link to the story.  Those who show support will be acknowledged.
  • Head over to Welcome to Loud City and leave them a comment in the original story, letting them know -- politely and gracefully -- what's going to happen on Friday night.  And, also, be sure to thank Mr. Pappagiorgio for his unprecendented kindness. 
Congratulations, you guys earned it. Now, swarm, swarm, swarm!

[9:07AM ... Update: this is now the #3 NBA story on Ballhype. #2 happens to be about Andrew Bynum and his trip to the Playboy mansion. If you needed extra motivation, there you go.]  

[9:22AM ... Update: this is now the #1 NBA story on Ballhype. That took 40 minutes. It's also #4 for all sports. Don't stop now.]

[9:34AM... Well, less than an hour in... Ballhype takeover complete. The overall #1 spot has been secured. You did it again... you won the internet.  Here's the evidence to commemorate the occasion.]


-- Ben (