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Jersey Contest Playoffs

After tabulating scores for the season we now have our Jersey Contest Playoff participants.

The selection process used various critieria:

  • Anyone who finished in the Top 3 in any month got in.
  • Anyone with two or more Top 20 finishes got in.
  • We looked at cumulative scores after that but those were basically duplicated by the people already chosen.  We did fill out the ranks with a few remaining players with high average scores in given months.

We ended up with 32 worthy players, all of whom now have a shot at the season's Grand Prize.

Here's how the system will work:

  • The Blazers' April games will be used to narrow down the field.
  • After each pair of games the lowest scorers will exit the contest.  After the Thunder and Rockets' contests the 8 lowest scorers will leave.  The rest of the field will continue through the Grizzlies and Spurs games, after which 8 more will go.  After the L*kers and Clippers 8 more will depart.  The final games of the season against the Thunder and Nuggets will narrow the remaining field from 8 to 4.
  • Scores will reset after each pair of games.  You're only as good as your last two predictions.  This is sudden death.
  • The final four players will continue on into the real, live Blazers post-season.  They will enter predictions as long as the Blazers keep playing.  Whichever player of the four is ahead when the Blazers are eliminated from the playoffs (or win the championship, natch) will be declared the winner and receive the Fabulous Grand Prize.

Click through to see the Jersey Contest Playoff participants.  Good luck to all of them!

--Dave (

Here are the 32 participants in the Jersey Contest playoffs:

  • Sir-1
  • Blazerbear
  • nep_blazers
  • tweener
  • djudd
  • zaron5551
  • MavetheGreat
  • megustanumerocinco
  • amlmart1
  • the-arkitect
  • HeffBlazer
  • Lakitao
  • Arby
  • marble47
  • halfasiansensation
  • saregister
  • OldSchool
  • you'vegottomakeyourfreethrows
  • darkwebs
  • goden
  • madding
  • FromAfar
  • Bonesbarry
  • DirtyFernandez
  • Ruodrola
  • jbcooper80
  • jsmuc
  • Cablinasian
  • Itheryn
  • blazersand2000
  • ChiliConKyle
  • TheNatural#7

ONLY PLAYOFF PARTICIPANTS MAY ENTER THIS GAME.  I will seriously consider banning anyone who violates this directive from next year's contest entirely.  Clicking through to see the questions is fine, but do not submit an entry unless your name is above.  You are creating extra work for me by doing so.  You can click through to see the questions,

Jersey Contest Playoff Game 1 Form