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Gameday Open Thread: Pre-Game Version

Here is the very first PLAYOFF Gameday Open Thread in the history of Blazersedge.  Yeah, it's been that long.

This pre-game version will be open all afternoon.  Keep the discussion civil and game-related, and as in all Gameday Threads, no pictures please.  If it's running slow for you, turn off auto-updates in the thread and perhaps avatars as well.  (Go to your account to do both.  You can turn them on again when the game is over.)

Also if you're in New York today we have this info available about a Blazersedge playoff get-together.

Game 1, Sat. April 19, 10:30 Eastern
Bounce Deuce
103 Second Ave. (at 6th St.)

For info, contact Joshua,, or Gabe,

 Wherever you are, enjoy the lead-up to the game!

--Dave (