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I Must Confess

This is just a personal note, maybe not fit to be with all of the other notes and news right below, but I've got to say it anyway...

Tomorrow is the playoffs and I am PUMPED!  Amped. Geeked.  Whatever you want to call it there's electricty running through everything today.  Gavin Dawson suggested this morning that we could maybe fill an hour in studio during the series.  If somebody stuck a microphone in front of my face right this minute I could probably fill the next 16 hours of programming without taking a breath.  Blazers...playoffs...OHHHH yeah! 

Obviously this place is going to be HOPPING tomorrow.  I have been thinking about the rest of the series preview all day...for the last few days really.  I'm doing everything I can to spend time with my family instead of writing it right NOW!  Be sure and join us for all of the fun.  Things should start rolling in around midnight tonight and it'll just keep going from there.

I counted up the game threads we split the final game of the season into.  I think we ended the day with, what?  Well over 5000 comments?  Think that'll happen tomorrow?

I hope you're all as excited as I am.  Needless to say, if you're wearing anyting but black, red, and white TAKE IT OFF.  This is the PLAYOFFS.  These are the BLAZERS.!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the experience.  I intend to milk it for every single second.

--Dave (