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Jersey Contest Playoff Results

Here are the long-await results from the last couple of games in the Jersey Contest Playoffs.  The scores...

  • FromAfar 120
  • Tweener 117
  • MavetheGreat 114
  • blazersand2000 113
  • Sir-1 113
  • jbcooper80 112
  • Lakitao 109
  • OldSchool 88

The players in normal type are eliminated.  Thank you for participating.  The players in bold advance to the final round...almost.  Blazersand2000 and Sir-1 are in a tie on the bubble.  As we did previously we will use the next game to break that tie.  Whichever of those two ends up with the lowest score in the next game will be eliminated.  This will be true even if they finish 1-2 in the next game.  The lesser of the two will be considered the final elimination of the previous round.  Then just four will remain.

As with previous rounds, all scores are now reset to zero.  Unlike the prior rounds this final round will not feature cuts or any further paring down (beyond the one just described).  Instead the remaining four players will compete as long as the Blazers remain in the actual playoffs.  The player with the highest score after the Blazers are eliminated (or win the title) will be declared the winner.  Hopefully those four guys are in for the long haul!!!

We have waited until now to unveil the Grand Prize for this year's contest.  It is time.  Here is what the final four participants will be playing for:

Jersey_001_medium  Jersey_006_medium

Admittedly the pictures suck.  It's the best I could do after midnight having gotten home from a long trip.  However, as you can see that's a Rudy Fernandez jersey.

Heh.  Cool, Dave.  But why did you get it before the winner is determined?  How do you know it will fit?

It's not supposed to fit.  It's a Rudy Fernandez jersey.

Oh.  You mean like one of those authentic-style ones they sell at the Blazer store.  They're pretty neat!  But again, why not wait to size it for the winner?

Those authentic jerseys are neat, but you're still not getting the picture.  That's a Rudy...Fernandez....Jersey.  As in, that's really Rudy's jersey.  Part of the reason it doesn't look entirely shiny is that it's used.  As in Rudy wore it.  If you have any of the following games saved on DVR you can see him in it:

  • Feb. 11th vs. Thunder:  24 min, 13 pts, 4 asst, 3 rebs
  • Feb 18th vs. Grizzlies:  24 min, 8 pts, 3 assts
  • Feb 20th vs. Hawks:  28 min, 19 pts, 4 assts
  • Feb 22nd vs. Clippers:  16 min, 11 pts, 3 rebs

Now, I can't promise that there will be something like this every year, but you guys have done something pretty special here this year, making us one of the largest, most read, and most prominent NBA blogs around.  The community spirit here, in particular, is known far and wide.  I wish I could send something to each of you.  Instead the contest is my little thank-you post with a representative from the community symbolizing everyone.  The best community around deserves a pretty nice end-of-year contest prize, eh?  If nobody does it like you, then by gum nobody is going to do thank-yous like we do.

I do have one caveat for the four eventual finalists.  This isn't an ordinary thing.  Nobody you know has one of these.  You need to be a Blazer fan and this needs to be an heirloom piece for you and your family for years to come.  I don't screen the contest entries.  If you don't reverence this jersey or the team that much, let me know and we'll see about getting you something nifty right now and letting someone else play for this.  I don't want to see this on E-bay, Craigslist, or being worn by some cute little thing at the local bar.  (Unless, of course, that cute little thing is the contest winner.)  If I do, both your Blazer fandom card and your Blazersedge membership will be revoked!

Four people, one pretty nifty prize.  Enjoy the proceedings.  And thank you again to everyone for making the contest and the year so enjoyable.

--Dave (

P.S.  For the five remaining participants to enter only:  The form for Game 1 is now up.