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Thanks for the Memories

It's weird to devote a post to this, but the "Thank You" threads have gotten so prolific in the sidebar the last week or so that I suppose they merit it.

First, thanks for the Thank You threads.  Good concept.  Obviously it took off.  Bravo!

Second, we've been through the whole roster pretty much now, plus management, plus a few semi-sarcastic parodies as well.

Third, it's time for the playoffs.

Fourth, a bunch of people, instead of thanking people, are discussing the Thank You threads within the Thank You threads.  As I said in one of them, there are few things more annoying than hearing people go on an extended binge of talking about talking instead of just flat-out talking.  I don't think at this point it's possible to have a Thank You thread without talking about talking. them or hate them, let this be enough for now.  There's one at the top of the sidebar this evening regarding KP.  That's the last one for a while.  We'll do a recap on the main page after the season is over wherein you'll have a chance to do all of this thanking again.  The sidebar needs to move on.

Thanks for your support in this matter.

--Dave (