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Blazersedge Jersey Contest Playoffs Update

Please note:  There was a procedural problem with the final question in the Clippers game.  Everyone got 10 points for the question regardless of their response.

Tonight's game marked another paring down of the Jersey Contest playoff participants.   There are now only eight remaining.

First, the eliminations.

As you may recall, three people were engaged in sudden death from the previous round as all three tied with the bubble score.  Two of those people were going to be eliminated after the L*kers game while one would continue.

Both Halfasiansensation and HeffBlazer scored 53 points in the L*kers game.

Darkwebs scored 75 points.

Therefore Halfasiansensation and HeffBlazer were eliminated automatically.  They were considered the last of the fallen from the previous round.

The cuttoff for this round ended up being 122 points.  Anyone scoring 122 or more proceeded.  Here are the eight who fell short and their scores:

  • Bonesbarry 54
  • ChiliConKyle 97
  • DirtyFernandez 91
  • Darkwebs 118
  • TheNatural#7 111
  • zaron5551 116
  • you'vegottomakeyourfreethrows 120
  • Blazerbear 121

As you can see it came down to a single point for Blazerbear.  I don't know if it hurts or helps knowing that.  Also the two bubble guys from the previous round can take solace in the fact that Darkwebs didn't end up making it through to the next round anyway.  Thanks to all of these folks for playing.  I hope you try again next year.

That leaves us with our final eight.  Here they are, with their scores from the last round:

  • blazersand2000 127
  • FromAfar  129
  • jbcooper80  131
  • Lakitao 127
  • MavetheGreat  127
  • OldSchool  122
  • Sir-1  129
  • Tweener  131

Oldschool is the guy who nudged out Blazerbear by a point.  Congratulations to the Elite Eight!

As always, all scores now reset.  All eight remaining players are on equal ground.  Four of these players will be eliminated as the final two games of the season play out.  The remaining four will play during the actual Blazer playoffs for the Grand Prize!

The eight remaining finalists will find their game form here.

--Dave (