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A New Home for Old Gameday Threads

As anyone who has participated in Gameday Threads knows, the current setup has made them a victim of their own success.  We love them and people love participating in them, but after a few hundred comments they bog down something fierce.

The network is still working on this issue but with big games like tonight's becoming more the norm and the playoffs on the horizon we have to find a more immediate solution if the Gameday Threads are to be any use at all.

Our short-term fix is that there are going to be more threads per game.  There will be at least one per quarter in important regular season games and in all playoff games as well.  This should allow more comments with less slowdown.

This brings up a new difficulty, however.  Four or five (or more) Gameday Threads per game is going to push content off of the main page way too quickly.  On a given game day you could have seven of the ten visible main page posts covering the same game.  That's neither practical nor desirable.  So we're making another adjustment.

The Gameday Threads will be visible on the main page as long as the game is ongoing and they're being used.  After the game, when we get around to posting the post-game reactions, the Gameday Threads will go off the main page.  They'll still be accessible.  You can still read through them and even comment in them.  They'll just be in their own section entitled "Gameday Threads" instead of gumming up the front page.

You can see the section listed in your left sidebar right now.  I also intend to put the Gameday Threads Section link at the bottom of each game recap so you can click through without having to remember where the link it.  In fact here it is now:

Click here to access the Gameday Threads for the L*kers game.

I hope this is easy and makes sense to everyone.

--Dave (