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Rudy Update

UPDATE (10:45PM): From the team: Rudy suffered soft tissue injury to his right upper chest/side area. The CT scan was negative. Will be kept overnight at the hospital for observation. He is questionable for Wednesday. -- Ben


This is the latest information we have on Rudy:

-- Initial medical release on Rudy:  "Rudy Fernandez: conscious and alert leaving court. Has full movement of extremities. Experiencing some chest discomfort. Sent to hospital for further evaluation."

-- Rudy was talking to trainer Jay Jensen as he left the court.  His limbs were functional.

--The neck brace was applied as a precaution because Rudy was complaining of slight neck pain.

--Rudy was taken to the hospital because he was experiencing chest pain.

--The atmosphere in the Blazers' locker room was calm.  Players were acting as if the news they had received about Rudy was reassuring.

You can find locker-room reaction to the post-foul scrum at our our Twitter page.  The entire post-game reaction will be posted later in Ben's Media Row Report.

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