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Quick: Roy Wonders Whether Oden Will Return This Season

As promised via John Canzano's Twitter and Joe Freeman's practice report earlier today, Jason Quick has turned his attention from fart investigation to Greg Oden.

Check out Part 1, which details the mysterious health updates from the team and Oden's thoughts on the media's criticism of him.

Of course, all the supposed banter back and forth between Oden and the media is far less important than Oden's return date.  Here's the money shot from Quick on that subject...

The team's star, Brandon Roy, said he is beginning to wonder if Oden is done for the regular season after watching him icing his knees during Saturday's shootaround. There are 5 1/2 weeks and 20 games remaining, and Oden has already missed three weeks and still can't run without pain.

"Seeing him this morning, it doesn't look good," Roy said Saturday night. "You have to figure he is going to have to practice and get back into shape, and that takes time."

Go read it now.

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