Andy's Offical BEdge Party Recap -With Pics, and Kicks and Poll

Welcome to the Terror Dome, March 20th marks the 3rd anniversary of the day the infrequently updated SBnation blog Blazers Edge came into being, and this is what is has become. A Party! The kind where really really good people show up to!

Well Well Well, didn't that go nicely!? The Blazers Edge party I meant, not the game. So let's just go ahead and forget we played tonight, and while I re-watch this Indiana victory I have on Tivo let's try and remember back to earlier this evening, when I met all my new best friends and family.

There was literally hundreds of people trying to hang out with me so pardon me if I can't remember all of your names,

There was the Dude, that one guy, The other guy, plus Billy the Kid, Crocodile Dundee, and of course Billy Zane.

Then there were these people...