Unofficial BlazersEdge Night @ The Agency Media Row Report and Recap with PICs!!!

Since I'm a BE rookie and first time meeting everyone in person, I thought I do everyone a favor and do a recap/media row report from the Agency!!!

Dave and Ben were running around mingling so I'm gonna do their job for them...unofficially. 




We sucked.

If our players wanted to be part of the mile high club, they definitely didn't score.

Don't go to the Denver Blog. 


Media Row Report:


This picture with my new $99 Canon point and pray lens describes it all. 



- There was at least 200 people there.  All having a GREAT time.

-  The old dude to the left was Dwight Jaynes thinking "uh...why is my head bald?"   to the left of him is Outlaw the Rejector wondering why on earth he's standing next to Dwight Jaynes.  

-  Still.i.rise behind Josh mingling with some other many I couldn't keep track.

-  Me, trying to do Ben's job taking pictures but I suck.

-  Everyone getting pissed off and starting drinking cuz we were losing

- AND then everyone started mingling and having a good ole time because we have a common bond at BlazersEdge:  passion for our Trailblazers.

Ok, this pic doesn't describe everything but whatevers...we drank, we had fun, we are a community, and we ARE RIP CITY!!!






ere are some more pics:

1.  Us clowning around


  • Far left is Outlaw the Rejector (aka Brian)  btw Brian, i was searching for you for like 30 minutes to give you a ride home...Dwight Jaynes is next to OutlawtheRejector giving him a dirty grin.  Our favorite host Gavin Dawson in the middle.  Me giving him a face, and PrezofDeath to my right giving him the bunny ears.  Btw, GD is a real Blazer fan..he's was really bum he had so much hatred.  Here's an exchange I had with him:

        me:    "you hurting huh?"

          gavin:  "yeah bro, Sophia really gave it to know, i want to keep it real, i have a job to do.  i still bleed red and black bro."

         me:   "well, sophia is our Przy...she's standing up for all BEdger.  now buy me a beer!!!"

       good job Sophia!!!!!!!!!!!!




2.  Ben, me and Sophia.  Ben is really not 8 feet tall, i'm just 4 feet tall.  Sophia has that pose down.  Sophia took a shot for all you clowns who didn't show up!!




3.  The BE Hall of Fame:  to your left, Prez of Death...Tom in Hawaii (btw, if Tom can make it, what's everyone elses excuse)  Tom giving Twiggs the TIH yummy yum look, Twiggs (uh, she had the flu but she made it...she man up like Pryz...again, what's everyone elses excuse?!?!?!?)  Outlaw the Rejector, and Josh...Batum's BFF.





4.  BlazerManiacAndy...Dude, the guy is everywhere...he's like a picture magnet...and of course, there's Sophia totally disgusted at our Defense with her frenchie french shirt.  yeah, she brought her A game. 





5.  still.i.rise (i didn't mean to call you a prostitute...seriously...i love you!!!), twiggs, and megan...soon to be Bedger





6.  My two single lady friends oon to be Bedger Bree and Linda I brought for RoodieeeFurrnandez





Prez taking a pic of me and Edger's favorite writer and Ben's bff: john canzano: 






Dave's shoes...Yes, he walked here from Idaho or wherever...





Ben's kicks...funny story:  i was trying to take his shoes...and he was like "what are you doing man?"  i was like "uh, ur job."  hahahah










tominhawii:(he said he bought it for 7 bucks...dang, that's a great deal...)





outlawtherejector:  sick!!





RoodieFirnandez (sp?):





my kicks:  air jordan dunks limited.  that's right, be jealous!!




it was a REALLY fun night...i hope to see more Edgers next time... THANK YOU DAVE AND BEN!!!!


Go Blazers!!!!  BE gathering during the Playoffs FTW!!!!!!!!!!!


Peace.  Stay Cool.  Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!