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Today's Poll - Doctor, Doctor Edition

First things first... Check out a great story from last night's season ticket holder party: Buffet of Goodness dreams really do come true.

For those of you with Quick angst, please note that he nailed this Martell news almost 3 weeks ago.

Today, Dwight Jaynes runs down some of the travails the Portland medical staff has dealt with recently, a lengthy list that gets longer when you add Darius Miles's name to it.

Dwight writes that, in general, people question the players more than the medical staff. Certainly true, but lately I've been noticing an increasing number of you guys turning your quizzical expressions towards the doctors.

There's a lot at stake with every injury: an athlete's ability to make a living and do what he loves, millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars, and the hopes and dreams of tens of thousands of fans. Marketing plans and business development goals hang in the balance of a torn ACL. Working with pro athletes is probably a dream job for a lot of sports-enthused medical professionals but it's not a position, especially right now in Portland, that I would envy being in.

Given that we're kind of in the thick of this medical cyclone, with Greg's timeline seemingly changing by the day (until yesterday) and his condition still relatively unknown, I was curious about your current thoughts about the team's medical staff.

Please vote and unravel the issue in the comments.

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